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Level Design, Modelling, Texture Collaboration Program


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I am not 100% sure if this is the right forum to post it in, but I couldnt see a better one.

I was thinking about creating a web based program where level designers could put in request for models or textures, ie instead of posting in forums.

Now before I get started this is not something I want to create just so that I can leach models and textures off people who put a lot of effort into. This is meant for the community.

How it Works

A level designer would come along and say might need a model of a tree. They would then go to the site and upload a prefab from Hammer that could be used as a basic reference for the modeler (size etc). Other features for the level designer are

  • - Upload any reference images along with adding comments to images
    - Request a particular polygon count
    - Add any additional comments (describe the scene it is going to go into etc)
    - Make it for public or private view

Then a modeler might come along to the site and might wish to help out a level designer and create the model (or they might already have one on there hdd they could upload) Features for the modeler

  • - Upload completed model
    - Quote the polygon count
    - Upload images of the model
    - Say if the model is complete (Skinned, animated etc)
    - If not complete upload the source file for someone else to contribute to (I am not sure how people feel about giving our source files though)
    - Add for public view or private view

The same goes for textures. A level designer can put in request for textures, upload reference photos etc, then a texture artist can come along, create the texture and upload it

Some Functions of the actual site

  • - Registration System
    - Search for models – completed, not completed, different categories etc
    - Textures – search etc
    - Private areas for teams – People can join small teams (create teams) for there own personal projects. Send request for someone to join – Not like anyone can join any team. Then when you upload new models, textures you could put it under private view so only your team can view it
    - Keep track of peoples activity, how many models / textures they have added etc
    - Top 5 models, Top 5 members
    - Add comments to models
    - Personal messages

I was thinking to just stop people leaching from the site, before they are allowed to download anything they must upload something first, either it be a model or a texture. Does this sound ok?

So basically what I am asking is whether or not you guys think this could be a good idea, and if it was actually made would anyone use it?

I would also like to hear anymore ideas of what could be added, or a better way of doing something.

Finally I am a level designer (in my free time) / programmer, I can only create a basic design for the website, but if someone was actually wanting to create a design for the site that would be great. I will code everything; I work professionally as a php/mysql developer so the whole thing shouldn’t be to hard to program, just time consuming

Contributed Ideas

  • - User Profiles

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I'm 100% sure that people would use it. In fact, you'd get spammed with requests pretty quickly, as alot of people want some unique stuff for their map to make it stand out.

The problem is that most maps are never finished, you get tons of requests from people who has never finished a map before etc., and there's a huge problem for helpful modelers/texture artists to choose what request will actually be worth their time.

But I'm a bit pessimistic when it comes to these things :cool:

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Don't listen to insta, :P

Even if he is right, there will be a small % that will use this that will actually release something great. If you keep the community value high with perhaps a news site and competitions this thing could kick some serious ass. (should probably also include some very nicely coded user-profiles so that people could check eachothers credibility, to prevent what insta said.)

If you need help with any php/html/css/sql let me know id be happy to help!

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There are lots of people out there like me who are more interested in creating assets for maps than actually building the map.

I think it's a great idea because i can never find any venue thats decent for posting up textures or other assets and actually seeing them get used, god knows ive handed out alot of textures over the last 5 years.

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There is indeed a great need for a cleanly designed, well run, centralised source for this sort of material. Whether or not there are enough contributers to make the system work well would have to be seen but a central place for people to post maps and models that was easily searchable would be great. I like the profile idea - with links to released works etc.

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I agree that the ammount of level designers craving for custom materials far outweigh the people that are actually able to create custom material. This is going to be a big problem of which I hope you can figure a way around :s

This was one of my biggest concerns as well. I can see the site filling up with 100's requests for models, but no one creating the models. There is the idea of having to contribute something before you can make a request. This can lead to people submitting a lot of poor quality content, or having not many people contribute at all because they dont have anything to submit.

I think 1 way to make it work, is to try and keep the community small, ie only advertise it here at mapcore, see how it goes then build from there.

I am also thinking there will have to be a bit of quality control over what is submitted, so that we done end up with a bunch of poorly made models and textures.

I am encouraged about the postive feedback though.

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