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Psychonauts available on Steam


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For those who've thought about buying Psychonauts (it's awesome) but haven't, it's available now for $19.95 on Steam. You'll most probably love it if you played any of Tim Schafer's older games such as Grim Fandango, Day of the Tentacle, and Full Throttle; he also did much of the dialogue/writing in the first two Monkey Island games. It definitely can't stand up to the amazingness of the likes of Grim Fandango, but it's a great game anyway with a good sense of humour.


http://www.steampowered.com/v/index.php ... AppId=3830

There is a trailer on the menu. Pity they chose crappy screenshots though since the game actually looks really nice.


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Meh, I want a new Monkey Island.

Funny, I've been doing a massive PC games sales data analysis for one of my clients and have been sifting through just about every PC title since 1994...every time I see "Monkey Island" or "Full Throttle" and such Lucasarts games of old I can't help but to smile.

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Do you have your name stitched onto your underpants? :-D

But no I agree. I always loved those hugely oversized colossus boxes that the game cd came in while it only took up a fraction of space within the actual box, the box was still really cool. Plus the smell. The smell of a new game box rocks. Good times. :D

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I think you took that joke a bit too seriously ctswin. ;D

I agree that having a game case used to be nice, but these days I don't really care either way. I think it's largely because publishers don't put much money into them anymore; manuals are almost always paltry, and all UK games have been in DVD cases for years now. All you're paying for is a DVD, a generic plastic DVD case, and a slip of artwork. Is that really anything to get excited about?

Plus, whenever I get a console game I have to get it in a case anyway. It's bad enough finding room to put all those, nevermind PC ones too. Downloadable games is a good thing. :)

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