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Apocta - Half-Life : Death Match


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I'm just new here, so Hello!


How can you see, it's a simple Death Match map, but, with an diferent style. first, all the players starts on the sea, they fall from the sky and go straight trough the water. Now, begins a frenetic race to one of the ramps, as all the players start with 6 shot's of magnum!

After all this crazy, the great man will have to make a mega jump using one "body acelerator" to find the second island. So, he can choice to go trough the tower, where he will find a rocket launcher and will get a great locomotion in all map by some suspense ropes,that will connect many regions.

The Overview:


The Gallery:







Download and More Info:


Btw, Minotaur0 is my frind, I live near him at the Amazom river. I Hunt cannibal indian's.

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I think that the UT thing is just because of the lower gamma I've used on the textures/sky/sprites, so it compensate the 1.5gamma from H-L and the useless of bounce (UT has no lighting Bouce too).

haha, pinball machine? Thank's really crazy :D

Tank's for the post's guys! Gave me some more opinios, especialy about the Gameplay.

Oh, anyone found the secret's? mhaumahumahaumahsam....

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