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Not overrated things


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1. Youtube I LOVE it. It gets better and better every day. Only thing i miss is p0rn.

2. Wikipedia I so often use it each day. It knows nearly everything and the information in it is usualy more worth then stuff you find on a random google page about the theme.

3. maps.google Satelite pictures of half the world. It's awesome. On the one hand it makes you feel like an ant. On the other hand you see how relatively small the world is. It's kinda depressing tho to see how much impact humans have on the surface of the planet.

4. Internet Radios Whats the point in listening to the same CD's or mp3's again and again when there is a whole world full of new and quality music each day?

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yar youtube is great, im a google whore and i have to say that youtube is much better, although i could do without all the webcam retards

im a gigantic wikipedia fan, although i've become upset in the past week because i had an article i wrote deleted and another out put up for deletion for retarded reasons

google maps ftw, hands down best, although i dont like the new method for zooming, everything gets pixelated and looks bad

internet radios are hit and miss, ive never really found a good one, the best one ive founds yet is just an internet broadcast of a local station :P i dont get good reception in my basement

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1. Yeah Youtube's great, there's a lot of shit on it though.

2. Don't use it that often but it is very useful when I need it.

3. Yeah the maps are very impressive.

4. Black metal radio is about the only online radio station I listen to, can't be arsed with half of them due to the crap on there.

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