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Game Boy Advance


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I got a cheap mp3 player sitting around (I don't even use it anymore) and someone wants to trade it for a GBA. So what do you guys think ? Are there really good games for it ? (appart from the pokemon series plz :D )

It comes with Zelda: The minish cap which I know is an awesome game. Another question: Does it use rechargeable batteries ?

ps: Don't tell me to get a DS. I'm not getting that expensive shit :(

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Unless the GameBoy Advance is different to the SP edition, it just recharges with a little cable thing like a mobile phone, same as the DS (Lite).

The only game I know is fairly good is Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge, plus all the Mario games that've been lovingly ported.

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Haha. :D The GBA SP is a bit brighter so it's not that bad. I don't know if the normal GBA has a backlight at all.

Amazing how technology has moved on though. The GBA SP screen looks like an iron age relic when you whip out a DS Lite. The DS Lite can light up your damn room on the highest setting and still lasts about eight hours. D:

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