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Monitor turning yellow/fading to black...


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yeah my gay monitor is all yellow and sometimes fading to black. Sometimes just a few knocks resolve the problem but I'm getting tired of beating the shit out of this monitor all the time. Apparently all could be fixed with a degauss but mine doesn't have it. Anyone know anything I could do ? I googled for it and found only little info :(


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I prefer crt, dunno why. Just like them more. Besides, you can get them almost free these days, i got my 17" (which is pretty good) with 10 euros from a friend. Someone offered me earlier one 17" crt for free, didn't take it tho.

I think i'd rather buy a new used monitor from someone than putting money on fixing the current one, unless it's 19" or 21".

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You can do a manual degauss with a good magnet. First place it on the middle of your screen area and then move it outwards. Repeat this in all directions.

I had the same problem with a television a few years ago. It's colors were also pretty fucked and it had no degauss button. So we found a magnet and it turned out it was pretty easy to degauss it manually.

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