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HL2 Cubemap Problem


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didnt know where else to ask but i know theres quite a bunch of people using the source engine here so here is my question:

what is happening to my cubemaps?


back when hl2 came out i didnt have this problem but i cant really tell when it appeared. i was looking around the net for people with similar problems but couldnt find anything useful. anyone else encountered this over here and might know a fix?

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first at all: its not a bug or issue.

74, you can work around this textureborder effect in a really pain in the ass method:

1. compile your level and build cubemaps as you did before

2. use bspzip to extract the genereated cubemaps

3. convert all cubemaps to tga files and load them into photoshop

4. arragne them like a cubemap would do

5. blur al textureborders/average colors

6. save all tga files again

7. run vtex on all tga files

8 re-bspzip the modified cubemaps

as i told you: it would be a pain in the ass and is not applicable for HDR cubemaps and with a big amount of cubemaps it will take lots of time.

maybe you just want to improve certain cubemaps that really screw the all over look.

hope this could help a bit.

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