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LEGO Star Wars II


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The controls on the PC are absolutely terrible, but it plays ok on the PS2. The replay value for me was inexistant, but that's just cause I generally can't care to play the same levels over and over just to take all the stupid tokens...

But for a one time "let's replay the trilogy" gig, it's fun and the best part of it all is how LucasArts allowed the game to make fun of the original movies.

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I must admit I wasn't all that taken by it. I'm sure it would be pretty good fun in coop, and there's no denying that the game has charm by the bucket loads, but from a gameplay standpoint it didn't really do it for me. Might pick it up just for some coop laughs if I'm feeling short of games at some point though :)

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Been playing on 360...

I admit the controls for light sabre are not great, but it just takes patience. You can deflect laser bolts back into enemies if you time it right, and with sabres don't just keep slashing away...have patience and wait a second between slashes and you'll kill all enemies with much greater ease.

Yes camera is mostly fixed, however with right thumbstick on console you can slightly adjust the angle. One other thing about the camera, often when you are running it follows in a cool pseudo shaky cam that is actually not annoying and feels quite cinematic which I liked.

I'm not into collecting tokens games, but you gotta amdit it makes it more attractive to the young kiddies, so the product really has a lot going for it. Also, some of the puzzles, while not terribly hard, are interesting.

Finally, I felt the game did have some replay value because you can go back through levels with ability to swap characters on the fly, using their individual abilities to unlock certain areas not accessible in the story mode.

So overall...if you like Star Wars a lot and don't mind simple gameplay, check it out because I think they did about the most they could do with it...certainly it's better than the first Lego SW game.

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