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Please help me volounteer work I need 2 props only!


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Hey listen..

Like I said before, I am still working on my map de_hogsatra cs source map and it is a big project with many people involved into it.

I'm like, I've got everything for the map but I need some models too and that makes me sad when I see that it would be better with those models I haven't yet for the map. Perhaps you as modeller, would like to do Nexus a volounteer job for free only making two models for the map and i'd be so glad that i'll put your name into the map credits list at the final release.

This is what you will need to create..

First off I need a lightpost that is a little smaller then the hl2 original one.

it has to be exactly like this one. well ok?


Second I need a trashcan/dustbin..


PLEASe, take the opportunity to help me out I really need these models for my big map!

and I dont know about polycount and modelling so then, make it real nice like PhilipK does all the time when he models new props.



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