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Xbox 360 TGS Lineup


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Well the 360's main press conference has been and gone, and though there wasn't a huge amount of news to make a song and dance about, I've been fairly impressed. FOUR very good looking Japanese RPGs on a Microsoft console? Not something I expected to be honest!

Blue Dragon is a little too cartoony for my liking (never been a huge fan of the Dragon Ball Z style), but looks like an extremely solid FF style RPG. Nothing about the gameplay trailer stood out, but it all looked very polished and very enjoyable. I was suprised to hear it's making it out in Japan before Christmas too - I'm sure it's not gonna be much of a saviour against the inevitable PS3/Wii Japanese domination, but it certainly isn't going to hurt!

Lost Odyssey also looked very traditional in its gameplay (but to be fair, judging it on what appears to be the very first battle scene of the game alone is perhaps a little too hasty), but by golly does it do it with style! Beautiful visuals and by the looks of things, suitably epic in scope and story. Can't wait to see more of the gameplay that they have promised for the TGS show floor.

What I'm even more interested in though are the two new JRPG announcements - Trusty Bell: Chopin's Dream and Infinite Undiscovery. The former doesn't look all that visually impressive during the combat sections shown in the trailer, but the brief exploration sections looked lovely. Very nice cel-shaded style during the cut-scenes too - its getting a bit cliched to use cel-shading in a JRPG now but here it comes across very polished and very effective. Not sure quite how the combat system works but it reminded me very much of Grandia, so here's hoping it can live up to that!

Infinite Undiscovery I know absolutely nothing about, other than its being developed by Tri-Ace and looks fan-friggin-tastic. Very very eager to hear and see more of this one.

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