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Dream Casters' Duel needs mappers!

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Today I introduce to you DREAM CASTERS' DUEL, an original, online, multi-player, stand-alone mod built upon the Quake III engine! Dream Casters' Duel will combine elements of a FPS with a barebones fighting game in a stylized, anime setting. DCD will be cell-shaded, feature hand-to-hand combat, telekinetic attacks, surreal maps and seemingly hallucinogenic game-play.

Synopsis: Lucid dreaming: A phenomenon in which a dreaming individual is able to consciously bend the reality of the dream world to his or her own will, performing, for all intensive purposes, the miraculous...

Researcher Alchem Albrecht has assembled a contingent of test-subjects willing to conduct a foray into the nether regions of human conscious and beyond. The test-subjects all possess the ability to dream lucidly and have been hired to prove their proficiency. Empowered with the latest technology, Alchem Albrecht is able to both challenge and observe the contestants within the dream state. Only the most fantastic dreamers will witness the results of these experiments... Fewer still will come to understand their purpose, and only one will achieve their significance...

Mappers needed.

The mod team responsible for the creation of Dream Casters' Duel is currently looking for volunteer mappers to create fun and innovative maps. Dream Casters' Duel offers a unique and rewarding experience for mappers because the setting of the game is the dream state, so anything you can dream up can be realized as a map!

  • [*:245zohoh]Volunteers must furnish examples of previous work.
    [*:245zohoh]Mappers must be willing and able to texture their map, being mindful of the cell-shaded style.
    [*:245zohoh]Mappers will also be expected to create props for their maps in order to create a detailed and highly immersive experience.
    [*:245zohoh]Mappers must be willing and able to create a number of promotional materials featuring their creations, including, but not limited to, screenshots and fly-throughs. Promotional materials must be rendered in the cell shaded style.
    [*:245zohoh]The ability to add scripted sequences will be considered a plus.

If you are interested in the volunteer mapping position, please pm mikejkelley in the dcdthegame.com/forums.

For more information regarding DCD, please visit the profile at moddb.com or the DCD website at dcdthegame.com. Thnx!

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Thnx! I hope I find someone too! So far, a lot of leg work with no end in sight! But that's OK! The recruitment effort continues!

Given the setting of DCD, nearly anything you dream of can be realized as a map! Accordingly, this post features a little concept art to help inspire would-be mappers realize the variety of possibilities available to them as members of the DCD team!

  1. [*:13kodn94]Kiyoko's Map: What would inspire a ninja to dream of pinball? Who can understand the inner workings of the subconscious? Transported onto a pinball playing field, players will be able to use the bumpers to help prolong combos or man the flippers to tally points, increase concentration levels, and deliver damage to unwitting opponents!

    [*:13kodn94]MJK's Map: This map isn't much to look at (I'm working on a deadline!). It's just a level playing field where the champion will be determined wholly according to how well he/she can parry, block, and link combos! Expect dramatic summonings and finishing moves to separate the living from the dispatched!

    [*:13kodn94]Mina's Map: Late night pizza pantry raids and nostalgia caused Mina to dream up this 16-bit goodness. This map will feature play-altering power-ups! Word.

    [*:13kodn94]Marrish's Map: Marrish’s madness is evident in his dreams. This map features the architectural styling of M.C. Escher. To complete this vision, relative gravity will be implemented.

kiyoko_map_ca_thmb.jpg mjk_map_ca_thmb.jpg

mina_map_ca_thmb.jpg marrish_map_ca_thmb.jpg

If you'd like to map for DCD, send me, mikejkelley, a pm in the DCD forums. Thnx!

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