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- Global Warfare - [HL2] Recruiting a Team


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Dear Mapcore.net - Forum Users,

My Nick is HdS and I'm Global Warfare's new project leader. So, it's my turn to find interested poeple for a new team to bring GW into Half Life 2 Status.

Global Warfare

Genre: Action/Multiplayer/Egoshooter

Content: "Global Warfare is played in a realistic but not real conflict between an international coalition and an Arabic terrorist regime. That this once fictive story was caught up by reality, is giving it a strange aftertaste." - quoted - Micro


Links to get more information:

http://globalwarfare.planethalflife.gamespy.com/ - Official Website

http://globalwarfare.planethalflife.gam ... anual.html - The Manual gives Information about Maps, Weapons, Gameplay etc.

http://www.hlportal.de/?site=articles&d ... icle_id=52 - This Half-Life Portal Article presents the latest released GW 1.5 Version.

What we need:

GW died in the last months and it's a pitty to lose this modification completly. The team doesn't exist anymore, the mod is created for HL1 and so there is no action around this game. We want to change this situation into better times and hope for interested poeple with skills in differnt areas. We want a Global Warfare 2.0 created for HL 2!

GW 1.5 gives us a concept and some stuff, but we need more...

Level Designers

- Experience with the Source SDK

- Knowledge about mapping in HL2

- (Working with concept and typical styles)


- Experience with C++ and the Source SDK

- Knowledge of creating a HL2 modification code and realising ideas and concepts in it

3D Modellers

- Experience with 3DSM, Maya, MilkShape etc.

- Knowledge of creating realistic human, weapon and objects (like the blackhaw)

Texture Artist

- Should be able to create realistic skins for modells

- Should be able to create good looking textures (for maps, modells)

2D Artist/ Concept Artist

- Should be able to create for example a HUD, banners, logos etc.

- (Experience as Concept Artist to work with photoshop to create screens etc.)

FX Artist

- Experience with creating sounds of weapons, explosions, smoke, water, rain, ...


- Experience with php, html etc. to update our homepage

Check Out:

" The game is team and class based and you have the choice of joining the „Coalition“ or the „Arab Liberation Force“ as well as the choice of the classes Soldier, Radio Man , Medic, Engineer and Sniper. The classes differ not only in their particular armory, but also their different special abilities. Some of those are necessary to succeed a mission." - quoted - Micro

- GW powered by PlanetHalfLife.com / Gamespy

Objectives: The objectives can be split into 4 types: Territory, Demolition, Airstrike, and Intelligence. On every map you can get a 2D overhead map in-game by pressing the Map key (default M). You'll be able to see where people on your team are located on the 2D map, and the landing zones, objectives, and important paths are marked. Once you have completed the objective, the map will restart. The number of times the map restarts is dependant on the server admin (default is 3). The first team to complete the objective three times (by defult) wins, and the next map is loaded.


ICQ: 148558261

eMail: globalwarfare@globalwarfare.planethalflife.gamespy.com


These screens show GW HL1 Mod in the Version 1.5 (released last year).






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