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So i am not sure if it is allowed to post links to other gamedev forums, but sourceblog of course has an total different view on things. Check out the new sourceblog at http://www.sourceblog.org - i think it's one of the best sites to get into the skinning, or at least i started there (ok i did some skins with iphoto+4 but that doesn't count, does it?^^)

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well before sourceblog was source related but now we moved onto every engine. if you mod your welcome :D if your in the game industry your welcome.

Hope you guys enjoy it, i plan on adding more stuff to it :)

Glad you guys like the tutorials, this site spawned when i realised there were only 2 skinning tutorial sites for cs custom people firearms and st.burst.. thus i ventured across the net asking permission :P

as for the disclamer i think ill have a thread to see what the community thinks :)

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The jpg on front page is cool, but why is the text a JPG?

You can't use custom font in a website of course, but you had to knew it already.. right?

The splash screen looks cool to me, but it's 243KB, you could easily reduce it to 100KB. I'm also a bit annoyed because i can't view any tutorials if i haven't signed in, i'd like to see something. I will register there tho, looks like a neat place. Keep it going :)

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