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Level Designer at IO Interactive? Yes sir!


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No not really hired yet, but yesterday I was in Copenhagen for a talk with IO Interactive regarding a possible position as level designer there. Was pretty damn awesome as those guys rock and a job there would be SO frikkin great.

I was extremely nervous when arriving there and waiting for the interviewer to come around. Thankfully it turned out that he was a total cool and relaxed guy called Mads Prahm. He told a lot about the history of IO and the way they worked today while giving a tour around the building.

It was very little like I had imagined it to be. I had expected there be usual job interview questions like "what are you strengths and weaknesses" or technical questions about level design.

Instead we just sat and talked about all kind of game design related stuff where he managed to somehow get all the information he wanted without it felt like a test.

The tilde master

We did visit Mazy on our way around the building, but I did not realize who it was before afterwards. When I mentioned it to Mads we went to see him again, but then he was just gone:/ But ohh well, we got a look at the more or less crazy drawings he got hanging around with planet mazy.


At first there did not seem to be big chances of a job there as they aren't really recruiting more people atm. After having talked for a while it looked better though as we seemed to be very much on the same wavelength regarding game design.

So I got no signed contract yet, but we are going to have another meeting where the HR manager and other level designers are going to be asking me questions. If I don't fuck that up, I should have a good chance of a position there.

Benjamin and Guppyworks

After visiting IO I went over to have a beer with Benjamin(Nimajneb here from the SoW team) and see Guppyworks where he works.

Coming from IO this looked a lot different as they are just 15 people there compared to 150 at IO.

They were all real nice here too and it was pleasant to see yet another SoW crew member irl.

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Aye, I talked with Mads and he told me that you came by my place. Things are kinda hectic on the K&L team at the moment though so I was probably going around on my scooter, but I did see a couple of guys being shown around there (Didn't know which was you though :)).

Sounds a lot different from my first job interview though (Didn't get a tour back then :)), but that was also almost 3 years ago D:

Anyway, good luck ;)

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You guys ride round the office on scooters? Fucking ace! Wish our office was big enough for that - think I'd rather piss of my co-workers if I did laps of our giant table :D

Oh yes, in fact lots of people have them. Me and a couple of other fellas started the trend a year or so ago, now like 10 people have one :)

Our project coordinator hates it though :)

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