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What graphics card should I buy?


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Hi guys,

I'm down for another new graphicscard. I'm aiming at low to mid end cards ranging from $80 to $150 bucks. Now, I want the biggest bang for my bucks that I can get and I found out these two cards don't do too bad.


ATI x1600pro (512 Mb)


- ATI and HL2 are a good combo

- I love ATI

- 512 Mb memory


Geforce 7600GS (ASUS) (256 Mb)


- better performance in games by small rate

- fits on my ASUS motherboard

- Nvidia Drivers are generally more stable

Both cards cost about the same at a local hardwaredealer in my town. I'm really thinking about buying the 7600GS, but I heard alot of good things about the X1600 too. I'm being torn apart here guys. :(

Any of you guys have some words of advice for me? Experiences with either one of those cards? Other suggestions? Anything would be welcome, I guess.


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