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New Competition. Read up gents.


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can't vote, cant see any replies and the dicription is rather vague. you might want to elaborate.

Join up, add your opinion. Right now, its in the decision making stage so you might just influence the process.

Any other elaberation... Will have to wait until there is something to elaborate upon. Hopefully, by then you'll have shown enough initiative that I won't have to tell you anything.

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So we vote on something we dont know anything about?

*sighs deeply*

You know, I realize that I do not frequent this site but I am hardly new to the HL community.

Why are you guys trying to dummy down this event? Are you trying to tell me that if there were a competition held here that you would have no say in it?

All I am doing today is trying to gain some feedback on a future competition. If you do not have any feedback thats cool. But please do not act as if you have never seen one in the planning stages before.

This site is invited to give its opinions about a competition being held at Snarkpit. Nothing more, nothing less.

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