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Fountain, a World of Warcraft Addon by me


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Some weeks ago I decided to give a go at learning LUA. The result of this is an addon for the mage class in WoW which automatically gives water to people who ask for it.

Usually a mage spend a bunch of time with handing our water when raiding. With this addon, that is a thing of the past.

This is the first public beta and it is therefore still in the early stages.

http://www.curse-gaming.com/en/wow/addo ... ntain.html

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I am pretty sure that the e.g. the or operator in 1982 basic did not have support for returning non-boolean values. I do not believe it had extensive support for strings and patterns either.

Here is an example of how I used those things in Fountain:

result = string.find(msg, FountainPattern) or string.find(msg, FountainPattern2);

There are also other also many other differences, but the syntax is similar yes. This however can be said about most of todays common languages.

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nah i programmed 3 years with basic for school and it could handle all stuff for strings and arrays (patterns) and so on...

the syntax is in basic imho totally different from c++ and delphi. while basic and lua don't split var types in integer and string c++ and delphi do. for example:


x = "Hello World"

x = 12 * SQRT(13)

x(1,5) = "Vars is free"


VAR x := Integer;

x1 := String;

x2 := Array of String [...]


x := 12 * SQRT(13);

x1 := "Hello World";

x2(1,5) := "Vars in an array";



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