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Topless Pancakes.


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Las Vegas is one of my favorite series. And tonight it ended up the crew being hungry and Danny asks Mike "Topless Pancakes?". Now since im not from US or more specific Las Vegas i never heard of it. The most logical thing i can come up with is a Pancake resturant where people get servered by a topless waitress but i would like to be sure of it. Any one knows exactly what it is?

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Well i did miss the first couple of minutes on that episod. But i dont think it has anything to do with it. When i search for Topless Pancakes all i found was this: http://www.eonline.com/Features/Features/Sizzlin2004/Guys/index4.html

And its just states that Danny (Josh Duhamel) likes the to act with all its benefits. Quote:"Not that I'm not enjoying the perks of this life. I travel, get free clothes, go to great parties, had topless pancakes with James Caan and learned how to milk a cow. How much more fun could I be having?"Endquote. Thats all. But i thought some one that had been in Las Vegas or lived in US would know what it is.

[edit]I found out which episode it is. Its episod 16 season 3.[/edit]

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im sure its not a "thing" he probably just ate pancakes with james cann with no shirt on or something.

so someone said "topless pancakes" in an episode and josh duhamel said that quote that you found on the internet? maybe they ate pancakes topless in the beginning of the episode :o moms doing hw now so i cant go and watch, hopefully i have the same episode on tivo, do you know the name of it?

edit: some episode guide says danny and mike went to get topless pancakes at the end. i bet they went to a strip club and ate pancakes.

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I'm gonna guess that it means waking up early in the morning after a "busy night" and then having pancakes while still naked.

Good guess but i dont buy it since Danny asked Mike after their workday. Well they could have been working night and it was morning, there wasnt anyway to tell, but still they got of work and where fully dressed. And i dont think it was an invite to Mike to follow Danny naked to bed to eat pancakes.

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