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PK01 - Quake IV / Source Texture Set


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Very nice tex altho theme wise it could have been a little more original. Little point in using custom textures if it will make your map still look like the retail maps. But the tex itself are nice :)

Possible port them to some other games too, games where these kind of textures are more special instead of the standard :)

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Yeah that's what I felt too kinda, the shapes aren't very unique :P

I have some pretty cool ideas for a new set tho which could be a lot more special. But I'm still not sure. Wanna make something with a looot of self illuminated spots and try to get something more organic into it as well. Plus a lot of fun shapes. Just as far from symetrical stuff as possible :)

I plan to port to a source version as well asap.

I could do that tonight actually :)

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Here you go, a Source port (everything should work as I tested it, but it's late and I might have missed something):


Also remember, the textures would probably look best in strong spot lighted maps with a lot of contrast in light to bring most out of the normals which source doesn't do superwell otherwise :)

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