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Pirating Games


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Just read the CoH thread were GeneralVivi joked about pirating it and he got flamed for it, my question is this; Is there really no excuse to pirating games?

And those of you on your high horses, can you honestly say that you haven't pirated anything? (music perhaps?)

As a student its really hard to scrape together enough cash for food at the end of the month (i get a loan from the government, and i get a monthly check). Beeing the avid gamer that I am, my life would be boring indeed if I couldn't pirate.

Don't get me wrong, if the game is good, I tend to buy it (mostly its just for MP over internet play though). Steam games aside; I almost always pirate them. Am I really that bad?

I usually pirate it first then play it for a few days to see if its good, and if it aint I don't play it anymore. If is good I purchase it. Same thing with music, I own loads of CD's, but not close to the amount of mp3's I have. (I almost never listen to those mp3's either.)

Am I Satan?


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I used to warez a lot, but for some reason I don't like doing it anymore. That goes for all software really, not just games.

Maybe I like the feeling of actually owning something and not having to do the crack hunt/etc, and then do the same again when they update/patch the software. I don't know. I just feel better when I own stuff properly, as if there's less weight on my shoulders.

I know what you mean though. I was in school when I did most of my warezing and of course couldn't afford to buy stuff. Now I'm old enough to work and pay for stuff I don't see it as excusable in the same way anymore. If I'd spent my time working on something I'd want paying for it too. :D

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With video games here in Norway costing anything from 400kr to 600kr (6,2kr is 1$), and being a student, I understand that it's hard.

Downloading music in Norway is leagal for personal use, so nothing wrong there ;)

Downloading games then buying them if you like them I think that is fair. Cause no studios these days release a demo before the game is out, so you have no way to test the game before you buy it.

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I tend to refer to warez as full demos, because that's what I use them for. I use it to check out if it's something is good or worth supporting, and always buy the product if I played through it or even just half way through, even if its something that ends up being kinda shite :)

Legally thats not justifiable, but I think its totally okay to use as a better showcase of the games, and to see if its something you want to spend your money and time on.

This shit with working in the industry and not respecting others work by downloading this kinda stuff is bullshit in my opinion. If you like their work and think they deserve support you should buy it, and in Skjalg's regard then I totally understand. I was there for a couple of years too, with too much school and way too little cash for the amount of games I played. However now I'm paying them back (Buying way too many games actually :))

Sadly not everyone who can afford it thinks this way :G

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I used to pirate alot of games too when i was still a poor student, it all stopped as soon as a started making money. Pretty much all of the games I play today, I own. Especially with working in the gamesindustry, I always feel very guilty when playing a pirated game.

The same goes with film.. I buy alot of dvds today, crappy quality divx movies dont do it for me anymore :).

I still download alot of music though. There is just so much music I like that it's impossible for me to buy it all. However if I really like a particular band, I tend to buy cd's from them, especially if they are a small band.

With software I usually pirate it if it's simply too expensive. I'll buy it when I use it to make money with :)

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I was one of the people who found it very off that Vivi said he was gonna pirate CoH, as frankly, I didn't see why it would be a joke. Now, as you rightly predicted Skjalg, I'm not perfect for buying all my products, and I've obtained plenty of things, particularly music, through...other means. That said, as I work in the games industry, I find it rather ridiculous not to support that industry by buying games, and I would hope that everyone else in the industry does the same.

Yes, I completely acknowledge they are expensive. Way back in the day I used to pirate loads of Amiga games - as a primary school boy there was no way I could afford to buy many at all and the ease with which I could get copies made it very hard to resist. Once I got into secondary school I got a PS1 and from that point I did start buying everything - perhaps because it wasn't quite so easy to pirate, but that is somewhat besides the point. Since then the only games I've pirated were rare or obscure games I wanted to get after a system's demise - finding Rez, Vib Ribbon, or Skies of Arcadia through any official channels that would help support the developers was just, well, impossible.

I do appreciate that I'm somewhat hypocritical by whining about game piracy while dabbling in it a bit with other media, but my problem with it is just how short sighted and self-defeating it seems to pirate games while planning to work (or already working) in the games industry.

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Music: I download 75% of my music albums, it's mostly stuff that I can't buy

in the store (trance and small underground artists). I rarely pirate anything


Movies: New stuff I'll see at the theater. Old stuff I'll buy in the form

of a dvd. The ones I do download from the internet are (just like in music)

the movies I simply can't buy from the stores in Finland. I don't like to order

movies from abroad or the internet.

Software: I almost never buy software. Things like 3dsmax, Photoshop

etc. tend to cost too much. Also I have the mentality to think "I'm using them

for a good purpose :D ".

Games: I buy around 90% of my games. I've bought 10+

games this year, and downloaded 1. I actually regretted buying a few

of the games and wish I would have downloaded them at least to test them, because they weren't worth the money tbh.

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if i werent a pussy who didn't want to get sued, id download music like a crazy motherfucker, half of what i listen to is by people who are dead anyway :P musicians are rich out the ass and other nonsense. games on the other hand are a different story in my opinion, i'd like to support the developers and such.

also, anyone who doesnt download photoshop sucks

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while talking about demos and warezing:

valve did a really great job while offering the "free" weekends. this was the best idea seen for a while. anybody had plenty of time to check out the game. probably a complete weekend which means 48 hours of play. getting a full game for a that long time will make you pick the right decision (buy or not buy)

in my eyes this is the best way to promote a game and keep warezing low. there would be no excuse for "oh but didnt have the money" or "there is no demo"



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I must admit that I do obtain some of my software, games, movies and music through other channels. I do buy a lot of it, but it would be damn impossible for me if I had to buy it all.

Games and music I usually buy, especially if it's smaller companies/artists which I want to support.

Software is probably the thing which I buy the least of. I need PS, max, etc. and buying it would ruin me, so warez is kinda the only option I got. It's bad I know, but...

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