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Point of Existence 2


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A few of you know I've been working on a Battlefield 2 modification, and we've finally released. As a summary, it's a semi-futuristic (near future, I should say) that pits Germany and Ukraine duking it out. Please remember, the Battlefield 2 engine is completely unlike Source, and its limitations are quite bad. We've replaced nearly as much content as possible to create the best total conversion we can, and we've been proclaimed as the most anticipated Battlefield 2 modification by many. Anyway, here are a few screenshots...








ZIP Password: ..]POEv1.0.0[..]BIGthanksTOeveryoneWHOhasSUPPORTEDus]..

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thats a huge missile

He says that to all the mods :roll:

To be honest I don't think it looks like the most exceptional of modifications, but it does look solid. As you have (for me at least) excused there isn't a whole lot here to differentiate it from BF2, but nothing here would look out of place in BF2 either, which is (probably) a compliment. One question though - whats with that waterwheel? I can appreciate its meant to be a frozen over wasteland or something, but that doesn't look like it was EVER in the path of a river.

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We already have nearly 15,000 installations within the first ~12 hours, so that must indicate something, along with 254 servers and counting. And as far as it being futuristic, it isn't meant to be as futuristic as you might think. If you want, I'd refer it as "modern warfare". It only takes place in the near-future (2-3 years), so therefore I called it futuristic.

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