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Looking for a new pc case


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I don't know were I got the idea from, but latly I have searched the internets for a new case for my PC. I've especially searched for a glossy black one (think NDS lite or Ipod nano) I havent really found any good one so I thought i could try my luck here

I want a medium black glossy case (clossy all around, exept under it :) ) with some cool design maybe a glowing power button like xbox 360 (but thats something you can fix yourself i think)

Anyways, any of you have some tips? post it here and I will love you long time

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Take a look at the range on Overclocker's website - its nice and easy to browse so you can find one you're interested in, and their range is pretty good.


I'm planning on picking up a Thermaltake Armor case at some point - fairly utilitarian looking but in a good way :) Tips for choosing? Just read plenty of reviews I guess. There are loads of hardward modding sites that focus on cases so if you spot one you are interested in, just get on google and search for it and add +review -compare.

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Ya Bic, thats the one I've been checking out too. Im not very good at the fan things tho, right now my PC sounds like a airplane when I play PREY or other heavy gfx game, I want it to be cool and quiet so I can work/play in peace, I even thought of getting a wireless keyboard so I can have the comp someplace else in the room :/

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