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HL2DM - down_there (still wip...)


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I'd like to show you the map i'm currently working on...

this is for half-life2 deathmatch and i think best played with 2 to 6 players (so a bit smaller... :wink: )

don't have to say much about the setting, i think - just watch the pics :)

all props are made by Acumen, mapping by me (of course...)




there still are some smaller things i have to change, but it is nearly finished...

some kind of overview:


one prop, that is still missing on the pics is this one:

http://www.acumen-design.de/model_pics/ ... render.jpg

but it will be included, soon ;)

comments, critic etc. please :D


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awsome brushwork but you texturing is t3h suck :( more variation please. i see only this one brick wall. work with trims and different materials. maybe some wood on the walls or rocks breaking through.

i'd increase the overall brightness too. quite dark atm.

anyways: keep on it. i am sure you will get it to a top custom map.


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thx guys :)

perhaps this pic will show a bit more of brushwork and textures:


it's not up-to-date (models and stuff are missing, geometry has changed), but it also shows the windows up there. i've got another custom model of volumetric light, but have to make the texture and things for it, first. it'll show the blue rays coming from the moonlight - perhaps it will improve lighting ;)

i've heard from some people, it'd be too dark, and from some others it'd be too bright.. so i think perhaps it's caused by different screens ?!

About texture-variation:

i've got some wooden trims (as you see in the pic in this post), and i just forgot to tell, that those white stones you can see on the textures will be replaced by props, too... model is already finished and compiled, but still not placed .__.

i'll think about the textures and will post new screens, when work goes on ;)

thx for posting,


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Oh I like it a lot. The brushwork and the lighting are awesome. You made a really good job on the lighting imo. Even though you used the same color all over the map it does not look repetitive or boring at all. I'd change the sky though... blue sky + yellow lighting = :(

Keep it up :)

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thx again :)

to get this light style on the wall, there's nothing to do with the light sources. The only thing is, that my bumpmap is very "hard" and "deep" (don't know how to describe better in english, sorry)

@blue sky + yellow lighting:

i thought it would be cool with this contrast in there. let's see how it looks, when the volumetric light is done :)


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Looks nice so far, but it's a bit one-colour-ish, as if all colours are tending towards that reddish-brown tone. Some areas of visual contrast and subtle changes in the lighting would help make it a bit more interesting I think.

I realise you may be going for the reddish-brown colour, but it's a bit overwhelming right now.

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thanks :)

here's a shot from hammer ed showing the volumetric light:


ingame-shots will follow soon - but first i'll change the texture of this vol_light model... it scares me :D

That will be the last thing to do before next compile... I think tomorrow I can show some new ingame pics.


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