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2d art sketches


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i havent done any game art authentically in a few years now, but i just started to experiment with 2d sketch work, ive never had much of a knack for hand-drawing (maybe thats why i was a game artist :P ) but im trying to develop some. These are some of my first so go easy on me.

i watched sam peckinpah's "straw dogs" last night, so both of these sketches are inspired by the movie, the first is based off the film cover, the second is inspired by the evil characters in the movie.



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The anatomy on the second piece is skewed... the forehead should make up half of the height of the face (thus having the eyes running along the center line). And yup, a bit scribbly but I like the style in the first shot, looks quite stylized. If you want to develop a realistic style you should try to make long, smooth lines, so practice on that. It will probably take a little while but it will take just as long for you to learn as it took for Da Vinci :) If you are however doing fast sketches you should only do scribblingwhen you want to portray certain textures of the objects. You will be surprised how much that does for the end result and how effective it is.

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