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vault floor render *updated*

General Vivi

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Hey guys i was working on this yesterday . its a render scene. i took out the gun that was placed in the bottom left becaus it wasn't mine but i will eventually learn to model guns and make my own .

here is render


and here is wireframe


*notes* the floor texture isn't mine but i made a bump map for it. and the bullets arnt mine. everything else is mine ^^ *notes*

comments and crits are welcome.

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On the front bill, the $20,000 fold, it has $500 on the corners but in the center in big letters it has "300". Look at the other bills, they are represented properly.

well , if you tilt your head to the left you see 300 , and to the right your see 500... ( //or vice versa ) , or jsut blink a couple of times :D

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i made a 360 render. I dont know how to controle the speed that the camera goes just yet so it goes kinda fast. The render took 4hrs to do .

http://www.generalvivi.lawgiver.us/imag ... render.avi

p.s. thanks for all the comments and i know the 500/300 thing is wierd . ill try and fix it . its just because of the angle you have to tilt your head a certain way my gf pointed it out to me. :P

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