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Songs to listen to when sad

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I read some other forum and they posted songs that they listen to when they was sad, so I thought we could do the same. Here's some of mine:

Moby - Why does my hearts feels so bad -I think I realised how good this is when i saw the Black H D trailer

Dj Sammy - Heaven (candlelight remix) - This is a song that went on repeat while listen to the news about the tsunami

Jose Gonzales - Hearbeats - From the beautiful commerical with thoose jumpyballs

Jewel - Hands - Someone did a 9-11 tribute that i first heard

Coldplay - Fix you - I just like it

So there are some of mine, Share yours!

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I listen to quite a lot of emo style music, but I don't do it particularly when sad. But then I'm rarely sad, so I guess thats irrelevant :) If I were to be sad, and felt like some sad music would help me in some way, I'd probably throw on something by...

The Get Up Kids

The Anniversary

Dashboard Confessional (new album seems to kinda suck, sadly)

Saves The Day


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