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[WIP] UT2k4 -- CTF_Void


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Hey Everyone, This is my first map, and I don't knwo if this is the proper way to post it but I am trying to use full unreal assests and not import anything yet create an amazing level. Any advice, and comments would be greatly appreciated.

The bas eof this map is that 2 teams are battling it out for the flags in a wormhole in space. Inside the ships there is simulated Gravity and outside there is low Grav. each ship has an "airlock" which is just a portal leading in and out. and in this version I've put a velocity escape tube that fires a player from one ship to another. also if there is a way I can share this map for people to playtest it can you email me? I'd like to get gameplay feedback.






















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-Often you have light but no lightsources such as lamps

-If there is a lamp the light doesnt seem to be cast by the lamp, you need strong sourcing, highlights around the lamps.

-Cloud texture is a temp texture? Hopefully

-You cant just cut out doors like that, you need to trim of the sides so its not such a harsh edge

-You cant use the same texture for both the wall and the floors

-The level has the cube syndrome, Its very easy to recognize the original cubes you started with and often it feels like a cube with objects in instead of a room and thats always bad. The room with the spacesjets is terrible at that..

-You cant use an egyptian yellow brick texture next to a high tech gray green metal texture in a spaceship. The colors dont match, its illogical and the transition is too harsh.

Its normal to make a lot of mistakes in your first map, it takes most people dozens of levels and a number of years to get anywhere near good.

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no thats great, this map is only 40% done and the textures are not even close to finished. but this is jsut the input i needed. see this is for a level design project and I wanted some feedback that was more then "that looks cool" from classmates. I'm working on trims and putting in meshes to take away the cube syndrome.

Thanks, any more help would rock.

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Look at some other "space tech" games for some architecture ideas or even some of the other futuristic-themed maps that come with UT2k4. Make note of how these maps use brush shapes to make a solid and interesting room and then look at how the lighting and meshes compliment the brush shapes. Look at how the textures are used on floors, ceilings, and walls.

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Could be much worse for a first map. At first glance the first shot did not look too bad.

What you really need to work is when to use which texture and how. You got some ok brushwork for a first map and the textures are obviously also high quality, but you assemble them in a quite wierd way some places.

Stick to using only floor textures on floors, wall textures on walls, etc.

If you want some kickass futuristic mapping, then you can e.g. take a look at As_Robotfactory created by the poster just before me.

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