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Countermap is back!


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Remember how you used to spend your days chatting with teens, playing with brushes and entities, and laughing at the state of Minnesota? WELL IT'S BACK!

Some of us Counter-Mappers have decided to re-launch Countermap under the domain http://www.countermap2.com/forum/index.php

It would be great if you would rejoin the site and pass this message on to any Counter-Strike editors you know. With your help we can bring this once great site back.

We would also wish for you to come join us in our IRC channel on the Gamesurge network. Jump into #countermap and relax!

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Yeah seems a bit pointless. Might as well just let the past be past and focus on expanding existing places like, well, Mapcore.

It seems especially pointless considering there's many other (better) Source resources out there, plus CS isn't going to last forever. Where's the site going to be once CS isn't hot anymore? At least if you'd used a name not tied to one specific game you could keep expanding in the future to new games like Mapcore can.

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