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DM ThinIce and CTF Decay


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:shock: Some of the best stuff I have seen, commercial or otherwise. Love the combination of rock and metal. Great that visibility is not a problem as well. Prefer the Ice map myself. If this is the Unreal 2.5 engine, then my god I can't wait to see what the Unreal 3 engine throws up.

Was the geometry made purely from imagination or concept art?

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Glad you all like it :)

I first really didnt had hope for them but after my extra week of polish Im very happy with the result myself as well.

The maps started out pretty bad, also because the textures and meshes DE was suppose to give me were really unfinished for a long period of time. Its very hard to map "blind" by placing unskinned things you have no idea of how they will look at the end or how their skin will look.

Credits to chicoverde (awesome guy btw - Epic, Digital Extremes and now iD) as he helped out later on with the maps by adding terrain and extending my caves. I then took over back from him and touched up the caves with more effects, detail, extra architecture and lighting between the cave and buildings and other improvements.

Might make a custom map for it, but on the other hand perhaps I should wait for UT2007

Warpath was suppose to be Pariah 2 but it went a little bit wrong and ended up as a budget shooter.

This is Unreal Engine 2.5. Same generation as UT2004 but with normal mapping, bloom and some pixel shader effects added. Typically only the rocks and terrains in the game have normal mapping though.

And I didn't had concept art (I almost never use concept art) so most things I designed myself but ofcourse the textures and meshes given to you do influence your concept a lot.

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