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DoD_Anemia_b1 (56k Heavy)


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I really like the look of your map, its sweet!

I have tested it with 4 players and found some things

that might need to be looked at to make the map a good one.

Basically it needs optimizing, it's very laggy in fact almost so that

we could not aim properly. ( I guess you know that already).

And the last cap on both sides are to close to spawn, I know that gives

the map a special caractere but it's just to close and easy to camp.

I realy hope that you will look into these things because this map has a

nice environment and feel to it, and could be a classic...

Check out b2 spine :)

http://www.dayofdefeat.net/forums/showt ... adid=68137


http://www.dod-federation.com/media/map ... mia_b2.zip

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I haven't had the chance to test it yet but will soon.

Just a quick notice, it says "14 of june" on the mini map.

I think you might want to change that since it's a winter setting.

(Unless this is in some very high alps region or somtin... :wink: )

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