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DoD_Anemia_b1 (56k Heavy)


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-Added a second route for axis, and a ladder on allied side of the bridge (keep your eyes out when below the bridge for ladders!)

-Changed flags around, should be much more balanced, the map is still difficult for both teams in its very nature.

-Mini-map added, much thanks to Dustin Diamond for being a consistent partner in the process of polishing and releasing all of Anemia's versions.

-Innumerable visual, auditory and gameplay fixes. Anemia has never looked better.



-HDR -final compiled (excellent HDR ambience on the map)

-Even more optimized (this was neccessary as the map has been visually upgraded, your performance might not see much change from b2)

By Shawn Snelling AKA FMPONE

e-mail: fmpone@yahoo.com

MSN: fmpone@hotmail.com

Much thanks to:

Dustin Diamond

James "Talon" O'Hare





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Very nice. I love the air plane detail in the skybox.

The whole skybox seems to be taken straight from official dod maps. :P

Wow why don't you download it and see for yourself instead of spouting off complete bullshit :roll:

And for the record, skdr, it isn't.

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Well I'm sorry but no reason to get angry here. I just said what I saw from the shots and they look pretty much identical to Kalt skybox.

There isnt really anything wrong when using stuff from stock maps, I didnt blame you on anything. I just want to see some more original stuff in custom maps, not the same skyboxes and planes flying above the map like in all other maps.

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Looks good. Do the planes move?

Unfortunately I don't have DoD:S yet so I can't try it out for myself.

Yes they do :)

Well I'm sorry but no reason to get angry here. I just said what I saw from the shots and they look pretty much identical to Kalt skybox.


It isn't. Don't know what to say other than this map has no decompiled materials. Any original models/textures is not my own due to time reasons, thats about it.

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Decompiled or not, it still doesnt look any different from the official Kalt map. I mean that you can always use some fresh own ideas to make a map and not just use the same pattern that was already used...

Your map looks alot better than majority of the custom maps out there. No need to get angry :)

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I really like the look of your map, its sweet!

I have tested it with 4 players and found some things

that might need to be looked at to make the map a good one.

Basically it needs optimizing, it's very laggy in fact almost so that

we could not aim properly. ( I guess you know that already).

And the last cap on both sides are to close to spawn, I know that gives

the map a special caractere but it's just to close and easy to camp.

I realy hope that you will look into these things because this map has a

nice environment and feel to it, and could be a classic...

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