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Liquid Entertainment - Environment Artists


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For 7 years, we at Liquid have been forging products of our imagination, bringing our visions to life. Now we have the power of the next generation, and we’re rocketing into the future with work on the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. We’re looking for talented, passionate people to join us as comrades in crafting our new worlds. We want those who hunger to push the boundaries of their art, who strive to be the best.

Here’s to the next 7 years!

3-D Environment Modeler/Texture Artist


- Solid understanding of composition and form.

- Ability to model, texture, and unwrap models in 3DStudio Max (or equivalent).

- Ability to create normal maps using a combination of high-poly modeling and painted bump maps using Photoshop (or equivalent).

- Great attention to detail.

- Solid understanding of color theory.

- The ability to paint textures as well as use photo-source where applicable.

- Work and communicate well in a close team environment.

- 2 to 3 years game experience.

- Able to work full time in Pasadena, CA.

- A passion for games and game development.


- Ability to communicate ideas through 3d or 2d concept art.

- Experience using Unreal technology (or other world building applications).

- Experience developing games for Next-generation Consoles.

245 S Los Robles Ave, Suite 400

Pasadena, CA 91101


E-mail: dsmith@liquidentertainment.net

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