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De_Cult_prerelease is here


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The crappy prerelease is here!




Map by Grin

Textures by Kasikahma, xempest, Emotion

Models by Xenon, BIDO

Skybox by [HAU]tot

Terrorists are trying to blow up some ancient crap in the middle of nowhere.

What isn't finished:

-No sounds in this version yet

-Some textures not here yet

-R_speeds suck at the river

-The pond bombsite is empty

-Some sticky corners to be removed

-Some detail to add

-Waterfalls at the river


If you notice some credit is missing, tell me.

So much work to do yet, but i want to see some comments of the map, not only of the pictures.




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humm I dont like the colors u r using on this map, like the rocks are too much gray and the grass too much green, and everything looks cartoony. The rains fucks it even more. But the modelling of the terrain is cool, u just need to work on the visual part of the map now.

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i like the transitions in the terrain textures, but the fding is too obvious. It looks like you are trying to imitate terrain engine based games. You can make the one texture blend in the other in a much more realistic way, like this:

WRONG: (grass fades into rock)


RIGHT: (its not the best example i know, but the fading is less obvious here)


just have a look how that stuff looks in real life

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I agree with RD, you can spend weeks with adding detail to your terrain, adding insanely many little bumps and waste your polies, but it won't necessarily look good.

You took quite some effort and your map doesn't look bad, but your rocks look a little odd and the river ending in the sky doesn't really help. I know you're still starting out with mapping so this is is a pretty good result for the beginning, just try using bigger and less triangles next time

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My bet it that the terrain is done with Nem's Terrain Generator

Wrong, how do you suppose i've spent over 2 months for this? Also, i've talked about this for like 10 times now and i don't do my maps with some press two buttons generator.

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