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Rubbish Peripherals


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Over the years there have been plenty of rubbish peripherals released for games systems. Example? The sound lounger;


Could that look any less appealing? Apparently it features a subwoofer so powerful you'll feel every roaring engine and brutal punch - and all from the discomfort of some shitty sleeping mat that places you in a horribly awkward gaming position! Only 130 pounds each? No wonder that guy bought a second one for his mate!

What pants peripherals have you guys come across? Anybody laid down the cash for something embarrasingly poor?

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Bean Bags > All

I agree, there's nothing like playing a game while

sitting in a comfy bean bag.

As what comes to the "sound lounger", it just looks very awkward and

I wouldn't want a huge subwoofer punching me in the neck everytime

I crash into a tree.

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Since I'm a poor Brazilian fella I have never bought any shitty peripheral as far as I can remember. But those Donkey Kong drums for the GC seemed pretty silly for me. They cost like $80 bucks (here in Brazil that is) and can only be used on a single game ?


Anyways, it might be actually fun cause Donkey Kong games are always fun. But I wouldn't pay that much for that.

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