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Hammer 3d lighting preview WORKING


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Alright folks, here you go. Our coder, Nokia, has it working in his Hammer. This isnt a lie, and I talked to him first hand about this. The bad news is that he gets around 5-6 fps while in lighting preview mode. Even worse news, his computer is a 4ghz over clocked Intel, 4 gb of RAM, and dual x1800 pros. 8O And on top of that, it LITERALLY takes 10 minutes to load.

And here you go, proof.




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I think that the lighting preview is still experimental. The way its rendered on that example might be realtime lightmapping (yeah, w00t-t3h-fu€k), because, no realtime lighting technique does need so long to calculate and does not work so slow. So, the lightmap is updated on every light-move, but only the moved light is being rendered. Maybe, the myth, Hammer uses software rendering, causes the very, very, very low performance (5-6 FPS, even on so a shitty system *duck* *runaway*). Well, have fun :D

Wfr, Sindwiller

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ummmm yeah, a spot light with the cone showing. Is there something im missing?

Yes, the screenshot is bullshit. You need to look very close. You will see a brightness difference between the floor who "touches" the cone and the rest of the room. See it? :P

Wfr, SIndwiller

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