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Augusts Modelling Contest - DINOSAURS!


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We had a bit of a gamble with our mini monsters modelling contest, as we were unsure of how all you level designers would handle organic models. But it turned out as a great succes with alot of nice entries. So for our fourth modelling contest, it will again be something organic....


Who didnt have a favorite dinosaur when he was a kid? Dinosaurs often have pretty solid shapes that everyone is familiar with, so they are excellent for practicing more organic models.

I'm upping the polycount a little bit because 250 polies seemed to be abit problematic for some people. And with more polies comes some more texture space.


250-350 polies MAX.

256² texture max. Opacity/normal/specular map optional.

the contest will run until august 24, then this thread will be closed and voting shall start.

Good luck everyone!

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