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Female warrior (Alex)


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Looks alright, can't really see much with that render... Her fingers and hands don't look right at all. Thumb on the right hand is misshapen, pointer, index, and middle finger look like they're missing a joint, and theyre too spread out. Your fingers stay touching each other when you hold something round like that. Also the base of the thumb where it joins to the palm looks like its missing a chunk. Elbow on left arm looks to rounded, your elbow is pretty pointy. Her forearm looks a tad too long, and has an odd bulge on the inside near the elbow. For some reason her top near her shoulder is not laying on her body? Looks like its stiff like armor or something. The shoulder looks good as far as I can tell.

On the black trim on the bottom of her top, it seems like it isn't attached to the top right at the front, I can see some light coming through between them.

Just bein nitpicky, but the main problem is the hands, they just don't look right.

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