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I've done a fair few maps before but have only ever released one map and that was just a simple fy map. (Check for it in my sig)

I canned a lot of maps due to a layout that I wasn't too sure about and so for once I am going to post my map's layout in hope of getting some good feedback and to hopefully improve upon it before I even touch Hammer.

Anyway, here it is.


Is it too complicated? Do you think it would be too difficult to learn?

Please give me feedback, it would be most helpful :)

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I don't see any bomb sites?

When doing a layout, thi8nk manily about chokepoints, and rotations. Don't worry about having a lot of rooms and corridors simply for "balance" - there needs to be an element of difficulty, you just have to allow the players to use the environment to their advantage (environmental objects like *yuck* crates and such).

A tip: copy that layout into Hammer (using the top view), and play around with it there, place a few player spawns to give you a better idea of scale, and then tweak it where it needs to be tweaked. Make sure the attacking team can't reach the bombsites before the defending team, as well.

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It's a cs map actually. Hostage rescue.

I am mapping the layout out in Hammer using dev textures and I shall mess around with it to see how it plays out.

Thanks for the feedback anyhoo.

More feedback please.

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Dude, I'm not going to make it square or exactly like the plan. It's just a very rough plan and doesn't represent any of the final architect or anything of that nature.

There will be vertical combat aswell, it's just that I haven't marked it on.

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There's only one real entrance from the Terrorist spawn, you'd expect two or three. There's a vent, yes. But that's a vent. I think the only vent I've tollerated is the one in Assault.

TBH I don't think the Back Entrance, Tunnels and texticantread will be used for anything but a Benny Hill style chase for a remaining player.

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