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Interesting take on the commercial failure of BG&E...


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Yeah, truly. It's without a doubt one of the best games I've ever played on any medium, and I put it in a similar league to the likes of Monkey Island and Grim Fandango.I'm still bewildered by its lacking sales considering how good it is. I mean, it's hard to emphasise to those who haven't played it just how good it is, short of simply saying "just play it".

So seriously. Anyone who hasn't played it needs to ASAP at risk of severely missing out. It's available on PS2, Xbox, GC and PC, though the PC port was a bit shittily done when I played it. I recommend getting it for a console.

As far as general play goes it's comparable to Zelda, though obviously it's a lot different in that it's futuristic and has a different style. It's got the massive bosses, dialogue, puzzles, big world and all that shit though. :)

The YouTube trailer is worth seeing, even though it only shows the action stuff. :oops:

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Haha awesome, I love YouTube. Someone's put the whole intro (including ingame stuff) up, which those who're on the edge about trying it might want to watch.

Put me in the mood for sorting out my GameCube for some this weekend. ;D Looks even better than I remember it too graphically, which is a kind of rare thing to say. ¬¬

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I got a friend to buy it and now he loves it despite being skeptical with the silly (but cool) title and the "strange" style. As he describes it.

He now describes it as ... "the animation is so perfect" ... "I love the characters" ... "It's like a movie." ... "It's just so perfect" ... "The Pig-man is cool." :)

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