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!Request: Missilesilo skin


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Hey, I'm looking for someone to skin the missilesilo model for my FarCry map which is nearing completion. Here's a render:


The skin for the missile is meant to look somewhat like this:


For the silo itself, it should be concrete or something similar.


Black, yellow danger stripes on the silo's opening sliders might look good.

You can download the .max (and .dds file for 3dsmax5 users) here. Would be really cool if someone could help me out with this one!

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ol has a tendency to make stuff that r0x

but ur silo lux quite nice too insta, kinda lowpoly tho~

You better belive it baby. 90 polys of love ! :D

I bet you can place around 1000 of them in a farcry level and it won't cause a dip in framerates.

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