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Oblivion mod team looking for modellers and texturers

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Hi guys!

My name is Razorwing from the Silgrad Tower mod team, dedicated to modding for the Elder Scrolls series of games. We've been around for close to four years now, and as you can imagine we started modding for the previous game in the series, Morrowind. Us oldies in the team really love Morrowind, and we're excited about our on-going endeavor to create a mod that is essentially a Total Conversion that lets the player think he's playing the previous game in the series. It's not exactly true, but the true explanation is more complicated.

(TES3 took place on Vvardenfell, while our TES3 mod took place on the mainland since Vvardenfell was already there. When we started modding for Oblivion our mod stays in the same area of the make-believe world Elder Scrolls games take place in. So we're situated on the Morrowind Province's mainland and have new cities and new stories compared to the ones seen in TES3)

If you'd like to check out our work and have Oblivion, you can download the latest version of our mod -here-. An online readme can be found at http://parkeep.silgrad.com/ and is also included in the download. We also have a video in

and downloadable format. The latter footage is in higher resolution. And we have a screenshot gallery with crystal-clear images, unaffected by video compression, that gives the truest impression of what it's like to play our mod. Of course the video has more entertainment value. We don't really have a guy on the team who knows video editing, so the video isn't as exciting as it could be if it had effects and music and other bling-bling. ;)

As you can imagine, this endeavor requires a lot from us modellers on the team before we can really get started modding our tribute to The Elder Scrolls III. We have over eight hundred models so far, most of which we've modelled ourselves, but more is sorely needed. That's why I'd like to talk a bit about what we need help with.

We have two threads on our Visual Development forum that notes all the open jobs, with extensive descriptions and reference files:

Open jobs for modellers

Open jobs for texturers

I know the descriptions get a bit internal sometimes, and can be hard to follow if one is unfamiliar with the Elder Scrolls series, because they're written with the assumption that the reader is. The reference files are rather straightforward though; we need new models that look like those objects, but look better. It's illegal to use models from TES3 in mods for TES4, so we can't bring them over just like that even though it's technically very easy. Bethesda would shut us down in a heartbeat. With four years under our belt, we're in it for the long haul :)

Please see the section "How to use reference material." in the open jobs for modellers thread for info on how to use the nif files. All you really need is 3D Studio Max and the nif importer/exporter, but of course having the actual game helps a lot otherwise you're flying blind and can't test your models in-game.

Thankyou for your time, and let me know if you have any questions. :)

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