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Photoshop Video tutorial on Portfolios by Generalvivi

General Vivi

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sorry to tell you that but table layouts are cheating and no good way to create a website layout. CSS is ment to do that. tables are for table content only. such as representing stats or other stuff. :(

even though CSS isnt that hard to understand. someone with knowledge for the start to kick you off and everything will just be fine (and you will start to hate MS IE too ;) )

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I've never used CSS for anything other than creating font/image styles and changing the colour of scroll bars :D I'll need to look into using it for site layouts in the future, as I had no idea CSS could be used for that.

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layout is much easier than you think in CSS and making and mainting a site is a breeze after you learn it (it isnt hard to learn)

please do the internet and yourself a favor and use CSS. Use a xhtml strict or transitonal doctype. :)


http://www.csszengarden.com/ are some good resources

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