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OK I was just reading the discussion in the random texture thread and it sparked the idea to create a contest for making good looking clean textures =)

So go ahead create anything you want, just make it clean. How clean you ask? Well let's do it like this.... you make the texture and you tell us in what kind of location we'd find the texture.... like if you made floortiles you could say "floor tiles for a hospital"... that way its easier to imagine the texture in an environment. You can also render the texture with spec, normals and so on if you want to.

This should be interseting!

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Although the quality of this texture is too bad for an actual entry to the contest, due to a not exactly fiting normal map (i wasnt expecting to render a normal when i created the diffuse and afterwards had problems to align the normal texture render right).

When i thought of a clean texture, for some reason i immediately had to think of a beautyfull victorian wallpaper texture for a living room or library room . This texture is supposed to be the kitchen wallpaper of an victorian house like this:


And here`s the texture:








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