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MapCore Job Census

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Awesome Mazy! Best of luck dude, hope you enjoy it!


Could somebody put me back under Creative Assembly on the first page? I'm back there now and really loving it :)


Thanks man! I also went ahead and updated the first post with both our updates too :)

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Congrats Vilham! That's super cool news!



The time has come for me to mix things up a bit too.


I'm really excited to be hooking up with one of my friends and former colleagues who's setting up a new indie studio here in Copenhagen. The company is called Ultra Ultra, we'll be using Unreal Engine 4 and we've already got some pretty awesome things planned, but it's probably going to take a while before we have anything to show  :)


Anyway, really exciting times, though there's undoubtedly also a lot of hard work ahead  :)



Hahah say whaaat! Robin, your programmer Robin Malm and I are good friends! Tell him Stefan Jonsson is watching him from the skies above! He'll get 'spooked!

Anyway, congraatz! :D

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