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I Got a Job in the Game Industry! ^_^

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Over the last several month I have been goign back and forth with the people over at Gearbox Software in Plano, Texas. Ironically this all started happening after i quit my crappy lil movie theater job . I just went down there a couple of days ago for an interview . I brought along with me my mini sp mod , tmp_lodge , and my nmrih map that i have been working on . They seem really impressed with my mini sp mod which I hope to finish soon so everyone can see it. They also really like tmp_lodge. We didn' really spend much time on my nmrih map because it was lunch time but WOOT! i impressed them enough with just my mini mod and my lodge map that they wanted me to come back and work for them :D . When I go back down to Gearbox ill be working on Brothers in Arms 3 . I will have to learn the new unreal 2007 engine.Read about my journey and all the stuff that happend to me in my blog here. I included pictures and all that juicy stuff :D

Well guys .... Thanks for being there for me! and ill see you in the industry :wink:

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Talked to Vivi like 4 times and each time he didn't know who I was D:

oh man i am so sorry about that . you know there are like 3 scotts 3 mikes 2 pats 2 jasons . omg it was crazying trying to remember everyone . i didn't even realize tom was sitting next to me in the interview till he said yeah im tom..... and im still confused on everyones names! XD

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congrats man. You'll love unreal engine 3. I love using it as a level designer. I read your blog, very cool!. My interview process for NFusion Interactive was very similar.

Did Gearbox let you sample the UT2007 demo, that all licensee's get :D

Just remeber Kismet can do wonders!

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This place is turning into a Gearbox recruitment center help! ;) Congrats man, well deserved, I hope you enjoy your time there.

Also i like how you were wearing a tie and wig to look good in the interview

Pericolowned!!! :-D

And that is indeed a quite big gearbox signature you got there... :?

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