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UE3 engine mod

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I was looking through these forums, and observed the work done and I will have to say that everything is utterly amazing. This community seems to work primarily on levels, but we need many other postions aswell

Now, I would like to tell you about a mod, which we have named Renegade 2007.

Renegade 2007 is an Unreal Tournament 2007 mod, which converts the game into Command & Conquer: Renegade. The plan is to completely recreate the game as it was, in the next generation UE3 engine, INCLUDING it's unique multiplayer.

C&C Renegade was a game released in 2002. Despite some of its problems, including a bad net code and poor support from EA, C&C Renegade was a very unique game. It brought “Real Time Strategy” game play onto ground level, and was a very revolutionary First Person Shooter.

The game’s multiplayer mode was arguably the most unique of its time. “C&C” Mode consisted of 2 very different teams, the Global Defence Initiative (GDI), and the Brotherhood of Nod. The GDI is a global army funded by the UN, and its sole purpose is to fight terrorists across the globe. The Brotherhood of Nod is a terrorist organization, which seeks global “salvation” and domination. Each of these factions was unique, and their arsenals contained very different yet balanced weaponry.

The multiplayer mode was a very unique concept. Both factions had a base of operations, where the team can purchase weapons, vehicles, and aircraft. Each base consists of different buildings, which have different responsibilities. For example, the Power plants give energy to the automatic base defences. When the Power plant is destroyed, your defences are no longer powered. The point of the game is to destroy the enemy base while keeping yours intact. You had to work with your teammates in creating flawless strategies, rushes, and coordinated attacks in order to win the game. Whether that involved the use of Artillery, tanks, infantry, aircraft, base infiltration, etc.

The new UE3 engine is probably the only one capable of completely remaking a complete “C&C Mode” for a First Person Shooter. Since UE3 will be one of the best engines ever made, it gives modellers the advantage to exaggerate polygon counts, as well as many coding possibilities. All of the models will be recreations in high polygon forms, and of course, retextured.

So far, the Renegade 2007 team is made up of 12 professional modellers, texture artists, unwrappers, and coders. Renegade's "C&C Mode" is currently being scripted and recreated. Each one of our members has modding experiences.

The mod right now is being developed very efficiently and professionally. We have set up many documents filled with the information needed to complete the modifications. The team has it's own internal forums, where all of the issues are discussed and pictures and files are posted privately. Renegade 2007 is completely being made in the dark, which means we do not publicly announce any of our achievements. Our plan is to "surprise" the community with this mod after a few more months in development.

We have a few pictures that we are willing to show off.

Captain Havoc, a GDI Commando and the main character

http://xsilent0x.stalker-contact.de/ren ... voc_13.jpg

GDI Humvee Scout


Nod Surface-To-Air-Missile Site (Video) -->

http://homepage.ntlworld.com/gillian.je ... site05.mov

Nod Turret

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v166/ ... Turret.jpg

GDI Guard Tower

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v166/ ... dTower.jpg

Many more models are being made at the moment, including a GDI APC, Nod Buggy, GDI Medium Tank, and Nod light tank. We are also creating the C&C Mode scripts and testing them using the UE2 engine.

The team is still looking for new members, which include:


Texture artists


Level designers

and coders

If you would like to join a professional team of ambitious mod-makers, there are still many spots open. Any type of help or skill can be very useful and appreciated.

Those who would like to join the development of Renegade 2007 can either respond to this thread, or talk to the current team representatives ([NE]Fobby[GEN], Titan1x77, and Anthrax) through MSN or private message.

Thanks a lot for your consideration!

The Renegade 2007 Development Team

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well for next gen we will be using low poly cages(somewhat low) with normal mapping on almost all units and bump mapping on structures and vehicles.

It seems that this engine will handle a bit more poly but more so.. it will handle texturing and mapping better then ever.

Also this mod will prob be short intense levels with upwards to 60 people on any given server...so if everything goes well, the polys may get a boost.

as for ripping, well sort of...EA canceled Renegade 2, and left this great unique online mode abandon. This is where we come in and up the graphics a bit, but better yet revive a great game with more then likely better netcode.

I plan on contacting EA and if they can, design or purchase an engine fit for this and we can do buisness....otherwise, no names, models, textures...etc will be taken from EA, strictly gameplay, and we know how many clones of other games there are....I dont think anyone has the copywrite to CTF or DM, so I'd imagine a base attacking/defending(C&C mode) is in that group.

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