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Question about Level Design...


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I love Designing Levels, characters, even storylines. I've been looking now though, for a Simple 3d Program that lets you create a doom style game. Even if its just a level designer with premade models and such. I've always wanted to make a 3d level just to see what i could do with it.

Been looking for quite a while and no luck. Any good games or programs out there that let you do that? I dont care about GREAT graphics, dont care if its out of date, don't care if its cheesy or anything. I just wanna make a 3d level for something.

Ok, im done ranting.

any help would be appreciated.

thanks in advance


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You'll be glad to hear there's plenty to choose from! Most people around mapcore build levels for Source Engine games (Half-Life 2, CS:S, DoD:S, etc...), but there are also people who work with the Doom 3 engine (Doom 3, Quake 4), Cry Engine (Far Cry), BF2 Engine, or Unreal Engine. If you want to go a bit more retro then its perfectly possible for you to make custom levels for Doom, or Quake, or Half-Life, or whatever too.

Are there any games you tend to play more than others? I tend to think its best to get stuck in with something you are familiar with already, as its not really all that important where you make your first steps. If you don't care, I'd probably encourage you to try out the Unreal Engine simply because its next iteration is coming out soon and is going to be huge, but the Source engine is also a good one to learn with due to the vast number of tutorials and active community.

Choose a game and people will be able to give more specific advice :)

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but the Source engine is also a good one to learn with due to the vast number of tutorials and active community.

And it is pretty easy to learn (in multiplayer maps).. (World/Valve) hammer is simple and powerfull software.. And like you said, it has plenty of tutorials from side to side! And if i remember right, Doom3 and farcry enige isnt brush based, so modeling skills are needed for sure :) (Atleast Cryenige isnt brushbased and default models arent so great)

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