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Next gen Star Wars Game


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Certainly looks real time, and not particularly impressive real time at that. I'm not saying its gameplay or anything, but doesn't look like anything pre-rendered.

Somebody in the comments page there mentioned it looks just like a PS2/Xbox game called Psi-Ops. That person is very wise. Psi-Ops wasn't the most fabulous of games but it was really underrated, at least commercially. If you want some telekinetic fun, its worth hunting down. I bagged a copy for £3 brand new, and those are 3 of the hardest working pounds I've ever spent :)

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OK let's assume that was pre-rendered footage. Whatever, it is clearly communicating some kind of gameplay, so let's just talk about that and not worry about the CG.

1) Gimme more Jedi Knight type games! They have huge potential to kickass.

2) Using the force is cool, but I don't want an all powerful character like that, at least not for the entire game. Let me build up my force powers. In the beginning, give me cool simple little things to do with the force. Later, let me do some more advanced stuff that helps me in combat but doesn't just make me auto win every battle like in that video. Eventually I have no problem kicking all ass using force powers against stormtroopers and TIE fighers etc..but give me some cool balance.

Anyway, if the next gen JK game (assuming it is in production) looks generally that good, then good times. Give me some cool next gen gameplay and not just physics with objects and characters (which are still cool) but also better integration of puzzles and combat using the force, my lightsabre and shit a good ol blaster or other fine Star Wars weapons.

I think the Jedi Knight games have been faithful to that desire in general, so I'm not really complaining just reiterating what I hope to see in the evolution of the series.

Finally, build in really kick ass lightsaber combat. This is not easy, trust me. I have actually taught Filipino stick/sword fighting and making stuff look good for a movie is hard enough as it is, now making it controllable and still good looking/fun in a video game is even harder. Perhaps some more context sensitive swordplay that's easy to control is what is required. Jedi Academy had some better sword play, but I think even better is possible.

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Uhm... well, that just a 08/15-Starwars game with better physics than the other SW-games. In fact, the physics are'nt really new (uhm, HL2??).

So, fake.

I dont think so. I would think, that PRT or other Spherical Harmonics based lighting algorithm was used. Those algorithms arent maybe effective, but they achieve the illusion of global illumination (you mean, Ambient Occlusion, muhahaha) very well. Anyway, the video sucks. It does not show any new things.

Wfr, Sindwiller

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