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Half Life Speed Video


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Loved that alien-slave jump at the start of Unforseen Consequences :D

I dont think thats the latest version of HL1, though. Some stuff was a bit strange, like how the scientists mouths didnt move and how there was an ammo count (0 | 0) before he even got a weapon.

Yeah, there is definately some hackery going on, but for all of that, he still goes through the game in a surprisingly complete way.

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watched the whole thing and it was impressive as hell. i agree the alien jump at the beginning was some cool shit, though the sky walking was kind of lame. i guess i can point the movie to people who think i clip too much. kudos to who ever did it though, there must have been a shitload of planning to get all that done.

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while watching the video i remembered several areas vividly after all this time, however there are several parts that i don't remember at all :???: i think i may ahve skipped a few because iw as playing parallel to my dad on the same computer, but i missed a lot. even though the videow as short, it does a good job of showing how long the game is. (rd i dont remember at all, but i think those green things came out and were portals you jumped into, he just sped it up by jumping into his head and landing on a portal while still in his head)

btw, here's hl2

http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid ... 2270855580

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