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ol_styx (Off Limits map)

Wesley Tack

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Looks really good, but a few things bug me:


This area looks a little bland, perhaps it could benefit from some adverts/posters/signs on the wall? Some decals? The ceiling could have a ventilation shaft running along it? Also where are the parking line deviders? :???:


I don't know what that big yellow circle is for but I personally think it looks a little ugly, you could replace it with a grate instead? The subway arches are a bit basic, perhaps they could be rounded off a bit?


This tunnel is very boring, a sign or two would help, maybe a junction box on the wall? Round off the ceiling so it looks more like a tunnel and not just a long box. Also the texture on the platform looks misaligned...

It's pretty rare that I find stuff I don't like when it comes to such polished looking maps as this one, but this is such a case and I hope what I've said helps you to improve an already wonderful looking level :)

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Thanks for the crits d3ads, of course i'm happy with crits, anything to get it closer to perfection :)

With the post of these screens i found some stuff from when i started this level and that i completly forgot to fix (i fixed them already now) such as textures that were still their basetexture (not dirty'd up) and some area's in the map i didn't completly touch up as i intended.

About the shots you posted, the tunnel/subway hallway are both crits i recieved from multiple sources (i already rounded the subway hall yesterday and added supportbeams in the subwaytunnel). I also fixed the floor textures in the tunnelhall, they were a bit.. out of place :)

The parkinglot walls may be a bit bland yea, but i'm already pushing close to the max. entity's and entdata in this map. So i'm gonna just leave that area filled with just the props. The parkinglot deviders would mean edleast 50+ more overlay entity's (which is why i didn't add them).

The yellow circle is the same size as a trigger brush in that area, it's for capturing that base (Off Limits comes with a spawncapture system kinda like BF2). The yellow mark is to make it easy for players to spot that area, since some are in areas where multiple floors are as seen from the top/minimap. For instance, in the constructionbuilding, people might look for the spawn in the wrong floors, the yellow "CAPUTRE POINT" should help them spot it :)

I'm compiling my fixed version as we speak. I'll post some updated shots when i get back. (not much changed though).

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Ok, here are Sunday's fixes:

rounded the pillars in the subway hall

added a bit more detail to the subway tunnel

fixed some texture to be more dirty

added a few more puddles of water

and some other small fixes

Anyway, now i'm calling this map really done, time to do some more work for the mod thats not map related so we can get this mod done asap :)








I also found a good place to park my truck... not! ;p


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Good job! I really like it. My initial reaction was a look represented by a crossing of Duke Nukem 3D and Max Payne (but with greater detailing, of course) which in my mind is a good thing. For a first map this is a really impressive job, it still would have been if you had been mapping for your entire life. The only criticism I have to give is that the garage areas are too "blocky" and undetailed, the architecture doesn't fit in with the rest of the map and looks a bit HL1 with Source rendering. But apart from this I am really impressed, great job with the lighting and models.

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awesome :D... will there be LTJ Bukem music in the map?

If I only could, I would :P

About the garage... maybe i'll need to have a second look at it and make it more fitting with the rest of the map. I'll see what i can do. But i want to keep it open so it makes vehicle driving not to hard. Since it's a connection from the tunnel to the other city area and i expect some vehicle action in that area :).

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":1lnc55ob]Fantastic map!

COngrats, especialy being you'r first map.

What past do you have on Level Designs? I mean engines and editors?

Thanks, I made a Quake2 map long ago, and also a Quake3 DM map

The Quake3 map was a rebuild from my favorite Quake2 map, the frag pipe.

Sadly enough, I hardly played it :/

I hope edleast some Quake3 people did :P

You can have a look at those two maps on my website, direct link here:


The Q2 editor I used was Qoole 2.5

For my Q3 map I used GTK radiant 1.2.11

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